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Safe & Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner For Thinning Hair

Revita stimulates hair growth and stops hair loss… giving you the confidence to live life more fully without the embarrassment of thinning hair.

Wash Your Way to Thicker, Fuller, Healthier Hair with Revita shampoo, containing Biotin, Caffeine and many more active key ingredients.

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Made For All Hair Types

Sulfate & Paraben-Free

 Safe For Color Treated Hair

Designed For Everyday Use

With Revita's revitalizing and fortifying formula, say goodbye to thinning hair, bald spots, and comb-overs.

This safe and highly effective shampoo stimulates growth and combats the effects of ageing, illness, and stress have on your hair. Scientifically proven to get results, Revita cleanses while it strengthens - leaving you ready to face the world.

Grow thicker, stronger, more gorgeous hair

A shampoo clinically proven to prevent and reverse
hair thinning and loss.*

Backed by research and clinically proven to be effective, Revita delivers a powerful stimulating formula that strengthens hair, boosts density, and improves overall hair quality.

Boost your hair growth with a safe and gentle shampoo

Researched And Recommended By Dermatologists

Made to be used on any kind of hair type, Revita contains hypoallergenic compounds combined in a powerful but gentle formulation.


In independent laboratory studies, Revita even surpassed baby shampoo for safety and skin irritation potential.

No sodium lauryl sulfate

No sodium laureth sulfate

No parabens

No Phthalates

Love the way your hair looks and feels

Formulated to be effective and leave your hair feeling amazing

Many professional grade and prescription shampoos leave hair limp, lifeless, and with a thick residue. We developed Revita to be both therapeutic and cleansing. So your hair will be fuller and more voluminous… and feel better after each washing.


And because Revita has been formulated with only the highest quality ingredients to boost hair and scalp health, you’ll get the results you’re after without sacrificing the look you want.  

You can feel confident knowing Revita is free of low cost detergents and non-natural ingredients.

No matter how extensive the loss...

Using Revita daily will improve the vitality of your scalp, maintaining the quality of your hair and stimulating new hair growth.

Ideal for anyone who struggles with...

Thinning Hair

Male Pattern Baldness

Damaged, Over-Processed Hair

Hair Loss

REVITA® Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

Equal parts hair and scalp care, Revita revolutionizes shampoo. This high- tech formulation incorporates caffeine, amino acids, proteins and botanicals designed to encourage thicker, longer, healthier looking hair. It gently cleanses, strengthens and boosts volume, greatly increasing the performance of both healthy and compromised hair.

Revita’s redensifying, anti-thinning, fortifying formula:

  • Provides comple support for both healthy & thining hair.
  • Promotes hair stimulation
  • Improves hair density and volume
  • Increases speed of hair growth
  • Strengthens hair and reduces hair fallout

REVITA® Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner

Revita® conditioner, complementary to Revita® shampoo, nourishes and protects the hair follicle while stimulating the growth of new hair thanks to its nanosomal technology. Through the application of stem cells, Revita® conditioner offers unprecedented potential to extend the productivity of the hair follicles. It contains a large number of ingredients, notably copper peptides, caffeine, ginseng, inositol and amino acids.


  • Encapsulation in bio-adhesive microspheres
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory effect
  • Nourishes and protects the hair follicle

REVITA® Tablets For Hair Revitalization

Most of the products have more tablets, but you need to take 2 or 3 per day, the benefit of ours is that you only need to take one per day.

REVITA® Hair Revitalization Tablets 30 tablets Dietary supplement for hair.

Maintaining health hair is an important part of everyone ́s life. It contributes to one's personal appearance, self-confidence and well-being. There are situations in which hair is weakened or damaged due to diet deficiencies or other causes like physical and/ or emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, hereditary factors, or unhealthy habits.

Revita anti-hair loss tablets is a dietary supplement that provides nutritional support to fortify hair growth. It also helps to prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth.